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By / December 28, 2019 / Fishing

Fished a new place yesterday – December 27, 2019… Pottsboro Lake located just north of Dallas in the town of the same name… Pottsboro.

Stocked with trout earlier in the month, was not sure if the trout would still be there. It’s a small pond and may have had heavy fishing pressure.

As it turns out, the trout were there. They were readily feeding on something near the surface if not on the surface.

In short order, caught two limits. One of us was using a Chartreuse PowerWorm fished wacky rigged. The other used an Olive Near Deere with no indicator and fished with varying retrieves.

Also, started with the TFO 6 wt Fly Rod with Echo Ion Reel. Then, switched to the Cabelas 2 wt CGR Fiberglass Fly Rod with an old 3wt fly reel. Lots of fun…

PS: Ordered a new 1-3 Wt Orvis Hyrdos Fly Reel to use with the CGR going forward. More to come once it arrives!

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