Trout Fishing Towne Lake Sunday, Then City Complex Pond Monday!

By / February 25, 2019 / Fishing

Too nice a day to not go fishing this past Sunday. Decided to do some trout fishing at McKinney’s Towne Lake. Hoped to catch then release a limit of trout before heading on to run some errands.

In doing so, was hoping to have Charlie the Maltese Puppy meet his first Rainbow Trout. Trip was a success; limited out on trout and Charlie met Mr Trout!

Today while headed home from the day job, took a side trip and headed to Murphy for a round of fishing for the trout there. Caught and release a limit of trout, missed more… too slow on the hook set.

OIive Near Deere worked at both Towne Lake and City Complex Pond… did fish without an indicator off/on at City Complex Pond.

That said, counting Saturday’s fishing trip to Murphy, was able fish three days in a row for trout!

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