Trout Fishing Waterloo – Limited Out using Near Deere and PowerWorms!

By / December 15, 2019 / Fishing

Made the run to Denison to fish Waterloo Park Pond – small pond that is stocked with trout multiple times each season.

Was a chilly morning but the bite started out well using an Olive Near Deere. Had to vary the retrieve to get them to strike. Managed to catch three trout, keeping two and releasing one. Hoped for a larger trout.

Unfortunately, trout changed their minds and quit striking fishing flies. Tried various patterns without success. Turned out the trout wanted PowerWorms! First pink, and then orange.

No spinning gear, just brought the fly rod. Luckily, the OPST Commando Head’s heavier weight made it a non-issue casting a tandem rigged near deere and trailing PowerWorm.

Do checkout the video… we hope Viewers can learn to fish by our trials and errors. In this instance, no spinning gear… fly rod can still do double duty!

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