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Towne Lake – 2022 Trout Derby | Fishing Trip Report | 2-19-2022

Trout were liking inline spinners – specifically, Rooster Tails. Local Trout Derby was winding down but the trout were getting active. Rooster Tails as well as Power Worms were favored lures and baits.

Yours truly opted for Bait Finesse Systems style fishing casting a 1/16oz Rooster Tail to trout lurking mid-pond.

Fun times!

Trip Information

  • Date: 2-19-2022
  • Time: 1030-1230
  • Location: Towne Lake, McKinney, TX

Key Take Aways:

  • Trout Derby was in progress; noted some were catching trout. Slow compared to past years.
  • PowerWorms, PowerBait, Corn, and some action on lures. Not able to see specific lures.
  • Calm, with Temps in the 30s in the AM but warmed to 50’s by Noon.
  • Slow action in the small pond; looks shallower with more silt
  • Larger pond had some action that later picked up in the day.
  • Murky water, visibility less than a foot.
  • Fire Tail Rooster Tail fished on a steady but slow retrieve worked!

Gear Used:

BFS Lure Data

Fish Data

  • Rainbow Trout – 9″ to 12″ – Roster Tail (Fire Tail) – Steady but Slow Retrieve
  • Estimated 25+ total count – caught, released, or missed strikes

Lessons Learned

  • Similar to past years, Rooster Tails with Gold Blade and chartreuse were best.
  • Also, PowerWorms fished on bottom with split shot were best.
  • Fishing under floats worked but slower bite.