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It was a fun time last Saturday at the 7th Annual TRWD Flyfest. We have not missed one since the first TRWD Flyfest in 2016!

A fly fishing event that offers fly fishing demos, fly tying classes, fly fishing seminars, and fly casting lessons. It also hosts a Big Trout Contest which is a Team favorite.

This year we were able post a livestream while we watched contestants compete. Although we missued Heat 4 and the final Fish Off to decided the contest winner, we did enjoy the fast paced action that Heats 1 – 3 provided.

We have posted unedited Livestreams on our Channel for reference. For those that would like a highlights version of the contest, do check out the video!

Key items to note this round… fly fishing presentation and technique coupled with positioning where the fish are lurking made a difference in numbers of trout caught!