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Update: We just called Turner Falls Park. They are not stocking 21 November. They have the order in and hope to be ready next weekend – 28 November. Just in case before you go, call the Park at 580-369-2988 for the latest update!

Mark your calendars! Looks like Turner Falls gets its Trout Stocking Saturday, 21 November. Last year was the first time the Team fished Turner Falls. Had a great time! Here are some Pins that maybe of interest to anyone wanting to try their luck at Turner Falls!


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5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Turner Falls Trout Stocking Season… NOT 21 November!

  1. Glen,

    How crowded will it be on the first weekend? I may try and head up on a weekday and give it a shot. Looks like fun stuff.


    1. Hi Stephen,
      Last year there were less than 10 fishermen when I went for the first time from 8AM to 10AM, then more started showing up but more people were sightseeing than fishing. The second trip I fished from 8AM to 11AM without anyone else there but it was below freezing when I went that round. Not sure what this year will be like but at some point will make a trip there… gotta try the Blue River first since they start stocking 1 November!

      Good luck!

      1. Just called Turner Falls Park, asked if they were stocking again…. not till next Winter. Bummer!

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