Two On a Fly, Then Three on PowerBait This Round…

By / February 8, 2015 / Frisco Commons

Fished Frisco Commons Pond today. Limited out but had a tough time catching them on fishing flies. Used the same rig as yesterday – Tandem Rig Near Deere and GRHEN. Managed to catch two that went for the GRHEN. Had a few more missed strikes, else no luck getting another one with the Fly Rod. Switched to a Spinning Rod and PowerBait. Caught three Trout in short order.

Since the day was so nice and calm conditions, decided to try some Micro Fishing as well. Was hoping to catch a Trout using the Micro Fly Rod but the Trout were not going for fishing flies. Luckily a couple of Bluegill and a little Bass were… will post a video of the Micro Fishing action at Frisco Commons and the Feeder Creek at Bethany in another Blog post.

Below is the video of the Trout action today.



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