Two Limited Out at Waterloo This Round

By / January 18, 2015 / Micro Fishing, Waterloo Park Pond

We decided to head back to Waterloo today for another go at the Rainbow Trout. When we arrived, we noted others hooking up.

In short order, NucLaroche was getting strikes on PowerBait. And, after several missed hook sets, he found his mojo and hooked and landed five trout. Rough night before, NucLaroche opted for a little “nap” rather than watch me miss setting the hook and not catching fish.

I was getting strikes using a 4 Weight Fly Rod and a Near Deere under a strike indicator. And, I did have an issue with setting the hook. But, after making adjustments to the strike indicator, I started getting more strikes and eventually hooked and landed two trout.

Next, I switched to the Micro Fishing Rod (Kiyotaki 18) that I used to catch little Bass and Bluegill yesterday. I understood the rod could handle little Stocker Trout in the 13″ size range. Since Waterloo’s stocking largely consisted of 9″-12′ Trout, it sounded like a good place to test out the rod.

I started fishing the rod with a 7′ level fly line and 7′ leader, but then I added a 4′ tippet to extend the casting range to where the fish were lurking. I was glad to see the added line did not affect casting!

We ended up taking two limits – five on PowerBait, two with a Fly Rod, and three with the Micro Fishing Rod (I did catch and release several more caught with the Micro Fishing Rod).

So far, I have been happy with the Kiyotaki 18 Rod and really like its ability to catch little “micro” fish as well as Stocker sized Trout!

Video clip of today’s action posted below.


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