Two Piece Micro Fly Rod Worked Well!

By / April 15, 2016 / Micro Fly Rod

Tested the Two Piece Micro Fly Rod at Bethany Lakes yesterday. Rod worked well; was able to cast to the backing several times and had no issues reaching the fish that were in the pond.

Used two fishing flies – a Damsel Fly Variant and a Grizzly Hackle Dry Fly. Both caught fish but will need to try a size 14 instead of the size 12 next round. The Bluegill were not as big as the ones we were catching at Kroger Pond the other day.

So far, we are liking what we see with the Two Piece Micro Fly Rod. Will have to “test” it out more in the near future!

2-Pc Micro Fly Rod (L), Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod (C), Telescoping Micro Fly Rod (R)

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