Ukulele and Q&A and Near Deere Give Away!

By / February 15, 2019 / Fishing

Starting an impromptu live stream for some ukulele fun and fishing Q&A! Plus a Near Deere Give Away with a twist…

This round we are giving away two White Near Deere tied on 1/80oz fly jigs and one Marilyn Monroe Tenkara Fly.

The extra weight of the 1/80 oz fly jigs helps fishing deeper spots when the trout are lurking deep. And, the white color is what we had the local trout interested in last Saturday when the temps were well below freezing!

To win this round… we wrote down a number from 1 to 100 on our whiteboard.

First to guess the number and post in the comments either on this video or on our Facebook Page wins the number we wrote down wins!

Addendum: One modification to the rules,

  • One entry per day to guess the number. We are located in the US Central timezone.
  • We will provide comments indicating a Win, else will give a hint to the answer at least once a day.

That is first to guess the number with a US address wins!

Good Luck!

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