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By / September 20, 2015 / Fishing

Work schedule remains crazy right now but still making time to get the latest update from others in the field. One update in particular comes from Steve in Australia. Here is the latest update courtesy of Steve… Great report and pictures. Keep them coming!

Last Friday, I waded up the Grace Burn, which runs through Healesville and caught/released a nice wild brown trout on a Berkley 1″ Nymph fished on an ultra light spin outfit. Never used the Nymphs before and was very impressed with their fish attracting qualities. On the retrieve before I hooked this trout I saw a boil near the lure and then hooked the trout on the next cast. I may even try these Nymphs on the fly rod.

Later that morning I’d arranged with the local water watch group to collect bug samples in the Grace Burn. We spent a couple of hours collecting and counting bugs and I’m pleased to say that the Burn scored very well as a healthy creek, which didn’t really surprise me. There were plenty of stoneflies, hellgrammites. aquatic worms, water mites, backswimmers, dragon fly and damsel fly nymphs, caddis to name a few. Good to see.

Grace Burn, Healesville, Victoria, Australia. Trout was caught just around the bend.

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