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In keeping with the rollout of our Bait Finesse Systems Fishing Journal, the following is the Fishing Trip Report for last Sunday – Super Bowl Sunday, to the Warren Sports Complex. Plan was to catch a trout or two, but as it turned out only one for trip. At least, it was not a strikeout!

PS: Added footage to the video on a follow-up trip on Valentine’s Day to catch Bass on Senkos BFS Style!

Trip Information

  • Date: 2-13-2022
  • Time: 0930-1230
  • Location: Warren Sports Complex, Frisco, TX

Key Take Aways:

  • Trout were stocked Thursday, and then the Annual Trick A Trout Derby was held Saturday.
  • Temps dropped 30 degrees on Sunday compared to Sunday.
  • Trout action was mainly on the Northeast end and the West side. Action seemed best near “waterflow” areas.
  • Windy, NW at 10+ mph
  • Gold Super Duper worked for one individual; long casts and steady retrieve.
  • Fire Tail Rooster Tail worked for one trout; slow retrieve.

Gear Used:

BFS Lure Data

Fish Data

  • Rainbow Trout – 9″ – Roster Tail (Fire Tail) – Slow Retrieve

Lessons Learned

  • Fish are tending to Northeast end and/or West side where water is deeper.
  • Waterflow areas were key.
  • Fish deep when using Power Bait
  • South end is shallow, looks promising for later in the year when temps warm.
  • Pond is large with the typical “stock tank” slope. Plan to fish parallel or at acute angles when warm water bite starts.

COAF Field Team Video