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Fishing updates and related activities from the Team! Do check back as we post YouTube Shorts, Videos, and Live Streams while we are out and about.

This round we fished Warren Sports Complex for the Trout Stocking in Frisco. Past years the tout were stocked at the Frisco Commons pond. This year and maybe going forward, the Warren Sports Complex was stocked.

The annual Trick A Trout Derby was held yesterday, but it sounds like the trout were stocked during the week instead of early Saturday morning.

The bite was slow with some limits observed; we suspect the change in temps – dropped 30 degrees from yesterday, had something to do with the slow down in the action.

Moreover, it is a big pond; more like a lake. Seemed like the trout were deep or lurking near the waterflow along the North bank – the one with the concrete retaining wall.

Do have video while we there; do check back!