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Interesting discussions about corn and its affect on trout. Key items noted about trout fishing with corn:

  1. Mostly anecdotal comments either good and bad
  2. Very little published researched.
  3. One study mentioned
  • Learned it was a Question and Answer reply by PFC (PFBAC) that references a study
  • No published research results online of the study; does not mean it was not conducted
  • Specific details of the study by others that were not mentioned in PFC’s QA reply suggests results were available at one time.
  1. Conclusion
  • Given study cited by PFC (PFABC), short term affect suggests not harmful
  • Publications from State agencies offer suggestions and tips to use corn
  • Legal in all states except one – Rhode Island trout waters
  • No reports of mass fish kills as a result of corn

Bottom-Line: Personal choice and in seasonal fisheries where trout will die off in warmer months, impact of corn is lessened.