Weightless Texas Rigged Yamasenko

By / January 22, 2017 / Article, Bass, Bethany Lakes

Been awhile since we updated an online article we published back in 2013. We wrote the article to let Readers know about our favorite soft plastic worm – Gary Yamamto’s 4″ Yamasenko in the Black and Red Flake. A recent post in Texas Fishing Forum’s Bank Fishing – Community Lakes thread, reminded us to update the article as the video showing how we rig a 4″ Yamasenko was removed. We have since updated the article to include a more recent video titled – Weightless Texas Rigged Yamasenko.

Do check out the video and our article – Senko Fishing – 4″ Yamasenkos! Has other tips and video of the action on Senkos at our local pond – Bethany Lakes (Allen, TX).

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