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Saturday planned to fish the Trinity River in Fort Worth but late last night decided to head to the Blue River in Oklahoma instead.

Got on the road early and arrived at the Blue River – specifically, Hughes Crossing by 7AM. It was a cold morning with frost on the ground and eventually ice on the rod guides.

Things started out slow with no strikes by the pool above the Crossing. Headed downriver to the Island and struck out as well. After heading further downriver, caught one Trout on a Near Deere in of the pools.

Then, after several more casts without a strike, moved back to the Island. The action picked up there with Trout going for the Near Deere on almost every cast. The action stayed steady for about 45″, and then the bite turned off around 9AM. Luckily, had five trout in the creel by that time!

After fishing different spots and changing fishing flies often, caught the last Trout to make a limit around 1PM. It also went for the Near Deere; was not as big as the others but it was caught using a Tenkara Rod!

Afterwards, spent the next hour trying to catch small Trout that were feeding on the surface on little midges – needed a size 22 Black Midge Dry Fly which I did not have in the fly box.