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Originally published February 23, 2022

This round I demonstrate the five steps I follow that helped me limit out on Trout. Do give it a try, and let us know how it worked for you!

Step 1 – Observe

  • Where are the trout lurking?
  • What are others doing that is/isn’t working?

Step 2 – What worked before?

  • Try lures and retrieves that worked from past trips
  • Do the same, else try varying the presentation

Step 3 – What is Different?

  • Did something change – warmer, colder?
  • Has the wind changed?

Step 4 – Give them what they want!

  • Try different lures
  • Change the retrieve
  • Note any indication of a strike

Step 5 – Catch a limit!

  • Once you catch one, repeat
  • If the bite stops, adjust by changing lures again

Gear Used