Windy Day at Clear Lake Park… #lakelavon #kayakfishing

By / July 3, 2017 / Fishing

Windy day at Clear Lake Sunday; had struck out Saturday fishing Lavonia South and Little Ridge. Storms and lightning sidelined us for a little bit. But, still struck out.

Sunday with the weather clearing fished the afternoon at Clear Lake Park. Windy conditions as well as a couple of jet skiers who came too close, too fast… no side numbers on their jet skies, suspect they did not take the PWC Course for operating one… good thing we always wear life jackets.

Four of us fished Sunday but only two managed to catch fish… two Yellow Bass, one White Bass, and a Crappie. (PS: Added a short snippet on the Railblaza II Rod Holder showing it being used with a fly rod else not much fishing action footage; really windy for us).

Railblaza Rod Holder:
Lowrance Hook 3x DSI:

Lesson learned this outing: Always be mindful of other watercraft while in a kayak, but pay extra attention for jet skiers without side numbers. Strong likelihood that they are not aware of the Navigation Rules for operating a personal water craft.


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