Yellow Bass This Round

Put in at Lavonia Saturday and started out trolling Sabiki Rigged Crappie Jigs and a Slab. Had strikes soon after launching from the boat ramp.

Thought the rig was bumping bottom but it turned out two undersized White Bass were on the line. Did mor trolling and caught more undersized White Bass.

Then, anchored off the point and worked the rig by casting, letting it drop to the bottom, and then jigging the rig until a fish struck. This worked on the Yellow Bass; ended up keeping the larger ones for a soup recipe and fish nuggets.

As the bite slowed, switched the retrieve to a slow retrieve instead of jigging. Caught more Yellow Bass (as well as undersized White Bass).

Had a fun time; did have to deal with the wind and waves but luckily the anchor helped slow the drift so we could keep fishing the “money zone” several casts before having to re-position the kayak.

Ended up with 25 Yellow Bass… Fun stuff!


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