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Been keeping an eye out on the Zebco Slingshot Spinning Rod and Reel Combo. It is still available for under $10 at Walmart as of today. We have a fondness for this combo because the older version has a handle that keeps the rod afloat even if it falls overboard.

And, in our case, we lost two rods while kayaking a few years back. Those rods cost much more than $10 and since funds can be low at times, we jumped on the Zebco Slingshot while grocery shopping at the local Walmart.

We bought two more this year even though the rod no longer floats… the new version has a “skeleton handle” so it is no longer as buoyant compared to the older model.

No worries, we still like the rods! And, as noted in the title of this post, it is still under $10!

“Cool colors. Hot spinning performance. All at a great price. These custom-matched Combos are great for all ages with long-casting Slingshot spinning reels and durable 2-piece Z-Glass rods.” – Walmart

See latest price at Walmart online.