Fishing Addiction #7: “Fishing Secrets” #fishingaddiction

By / October 16, 2017 / Fishing

Fishing Addiction #7 is about fishing secrets. Secrets that fishing addicts keep to themselves. It could be a certain lure, fishing fly, or bait. It could be a fishing technique, method, or other how to…, or most of all, it could be that secret fishing spot that no one knows about, holds huge fish, and… [read more]

Krystal Dub Minnow (KDM) #flytying

By / October 15, 2017 / Fishing

Request from one of our Readers on how we tie the Krystal Dub Minnow that we used at Frisco Commons Pond yesterday. Here is a quick video to answer the request. Materials used were: White 6/0 Dacron Tying Thread Bead Chain Eyes Size 8 Streamer Hooks White Saddle Hackles Ice Dub UV Pearl (Krystal Dubbing)… [read more]

Frisco Commons with the Switch Rod and KDM Fishing Fly… Plus One! #flyfishing #fishingaddiction #switchrod

By / October 15, 2017 / Frisco Commons

Fun time yesterday fishing the Switch Rod and “testing” a new pattern – the Krystal Dub Minnow or KDM. Simple pattern made with UV pearl dubbing and saddle hackles; uses a dubbing loop to wrap the dubbing around the hook. Been a while since we used a dubbing loop, but quickly remembered how to use… [read more]

Anglers Cove aka Pond By Top Golf…! #flyfishing #switchrod

By / October 9, 2017 / Bluegill, Catfish

Been revisiting different ponds we have fished previously but cannot recall when we last fished them lately. This afternoon decided to check out Anglers Cove the catch and release pond by Top Golf in Allen. Lots of construction has things clobbered and the water seems lifeless… did see some “fishy” activity but looked like bait… [read more]

Cottonwood Trail Pond aka Pond by Cinemark… #flyfishing

By / October 8, 2017 / Bass, Bluegill, Sunfish

Decided to fish the pond by the Cinemark Theater in Allen this morning. Looks like it is called Cottonwood Trail… been a while since we fished it last. Was not sure what would be biting. As it turned out, it was Bass, Bluegill, and Sunfish. Scrappy fighters that put up a great fight on the… [read more]

Sonic Pond for Switch Rod Casting and a Pink Near Deere… #switchrod #flyfishing

By / October 7, 2017 / Fishing

More casting practice with the Switch Rod!  Liking the Cabelas TLR 8wt Switch Rod combined with the Echo Ion 8/10 Fly Reel. Fished Sonic Pond with a Foam Grasshopper at first but only had a couple of missed strikes. Switched to a Pink Near Deere and started catching fish! Fun stuff!

Fishing Addiction #6: “No Rod and Reel” #fishingaddiction

By / October 6, 2017 / Fishing

Another video snippet in our Fishing Addiction series. This one is when a fishing addict forgets his rod and reel while on a fishing trip. Said fishing addict will make do with what is available… “we don’t need no stinking rod and reels round here” to go fishing!  

DIY Wooden Trout Net is Done, and new Echo Ion Reel Arrived….! #flyfishing

By / October 5, 2017 / Fishing

Banner day today! Finished the DIY Wooden Trout Net well before the Winter Trout Stocking Season! Will be shifting to fly tying in preparation for the the trout stockings on the Blue River in Oklahoma in November! Also, new Echo Ion Reel arrived in 10/12 weight, balances well with the Cabelas TLR Switch Rod in… [read more]

Fishing Addiction #5: “Just a Flesh Wound” #fishingaddiction

By / October 3, 2017 / Fishing

Fishing Addiction #5 happens when Fishing Addicts hooked themselves but not bad enough to warrant a visit to the emergency room. Moreover, if their ability to cast a line is not impeded by the hook’s location, they continue to fish knowing full well the YouTube video they saw the other day showing how to remove… [read more]

DIY Wooden Trout Net is coming along! #diy #woodentroutnet

By / October 3, 2017 / Fishing

Net is coming along nicely. All that is left is the netting. Should be done well before the Trout Stocking Season! Recapping past posts are pics and video below…   almost there with the #diy #woodentroutnet …#paracord handle and lanyard done, magnetic release in place, glass of #wine #yellowtailwine to while working the netting! #flyfishing#fishing… [read more]

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