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We hosted a Q&A Session this evening and as luck would have it, we get a question after we end the show. We only have 30″ to host a live broadcast, but regardless, we will still answer questions offline!

The question posed this round asked, “How do we fish a Super Duper?” As a “picture is worth a thousand words”, we looked at past videos and found three videos that show how we fish a Super Duper!

Hope they help!


The first video shows us using a Stop and Go Retrieve.

The next video shows us using a Steady Retrieve.

The last video shows us using a variation of the Stop and Go Retrieve which is more like a Cast and Flutter Retrieve.

Super Duper Lures

6 thoughts on “How Do We Fish a Super Duper?

  1. What kind of spinning gear are you using (rod length & power, reel size & make)? Do you use a swivel with super dupers or kastmasters

    1. Hi Fred –
      Thanks for the questions. The spinning gear we use are:
      – a 4'-8" Ugly Stik Ultralight Rod with a Shakespeare 20 Ultralight Spinning Reel (USP225A)
      – a 6'-6" Berkley Medium Light Lightning Rod with a Pinnacle Tiny Deadbolt Spinning Reel(DUL20).

      Lately, when using flourocarbon, have switched the reels between the two rods, and mainly been using the Berkley Medium Light Lightning Rod and the Shakespeare Spinning Reel. Pinnacle Spinning Reel tends to uncoil while casting ultralight lures after 5-10 casts.

      For the other question concerning swivels, we tie the line directly to the Super Duper as well as the Kastmaster. Have tried lightweight swivels but have noticed less strikes compared to a direct line connection.

      Will post pictures on the blog for reference.

      Thanks again for your questions!
      The Field Team

  2. Do you find that a particular size is better then the others for these techniques?

      1. Typically will bring two sizes for stocked trout – the 1-1/4″ and 1-1/8″. Will try to use the larger one first, after trying different colored lures, will drop the the smaller size.

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